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Published on June 12, 2004 By IanGillespie In Politics

The NDP began airing four new ads this week, closing in on the home stretch.

The two spots above, "Ontarians Know" and "Affordable", were released Wednesday, along with another english language ad, "Both".

There are even ads in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Previously on Canuckistan, I laid out several prospective NDP tactics for the final weeks of the campaign. I believe that these three elements could lead to an historic breakthrough:

  • Paint the Liberals and Conservatives as identical
  • Attack Conservative opposition to broken Liberal promises
  • Enhance the NDP's credibility by attacking the Liberal record
  • Clearly, "Ontarians Know", "Affordable" and "Both" all meet the first test.

    George Bush's foreign policies? Grits and Tories love them.

    Privatization of healthcare? Ditto.

    Are they the same old bickering politicians? You bet.

    These spots also fufill the second critrea: they're sharply critical of Conservative positions, but only on issues where the Liberal record is steeped in double talk and broken promises.

    Sick of the Liberals? Well, the Conservatives are no different.

    Worried about the radical Conservative agenda? The Liberals haven't done any better, have they?

    The NDP, however, still has work to do in bolstering it's own credibility.

    This election is about broken promises. We must turn that issue to our advantage, not only as a reason not to vote Grit, but as a reason to trust us:

    Remember when the Liberals broke their child care promises? We were the ones fighting to keep them.

    Remember when the Liberals broke their education promises? We were the ones fighting to keep them.

    Remember when the Liberals broke their healthcare promises? We were the ones fighting to keep those promises too.

    Your upset about broken promises? Well, so are we. That's why you can trust us to keep ours.

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