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Published on June 14, 2004 By IanGillespie In Politics

It's the big night -- for one quarter of Canadians.

Let's get right to the leaders...

Gilles Duceppe

Your the Stephen Harper of french language debate. Lay back, enjoy yourself and let the others kill each trying to get at'cha.

You'll pound away at the old hobby horse: the patronizing Liberals, thinking they can buy Québec's votes with promises of money and power. That's always good.

Your certain to be pressed on how you could possibly support a regressive, anti-Québec Conservative government, though.

Be prepared. Respond -- without hesitation -- that you will not only vote against, but vote down, any government that threatens Québec's interests, or Québec's values.

Paul Martin

Oh Lord. If David Herle hasn't told you yet, let me: it doesn't look good.

Though controversial, I'd say that your only real hope is to ignore Gilles Duceppe. I know, I know, the CW is that Duceppe's way ahead in Québec -- and that you'll have to go on the attack. But your only real chance is to run against Stephen Harper.

Perceptions have mostly gelled in Québec, but Harper remains an unknown quantity. Use him to shake things loose.

Demonize Harper. Marginalize Duceppe. Terrify Quebecers.

And only then, turn to Duceppe: 'How could you even consider allowing this man to govern us, or Canada?'

The question isn't actually directed at Duceppe, it's directed at voters: 'How could you?'.

Stephen Harper

Campaign strictly against Martin.

Tonight your fighting a proxy war; your aliies are the separatists that you've so loathed for so long.

Jack Layton

The Liberals and Bloc are engaged in a bitter, partisan powerplay.

They have set aside the progressive values of the people they represent. They have played on people's fears -- for political gain.

We must set aside the tired doctrines of the past, and build a progressive movement for our future. A future that will render irrelevant the confrontations that have repressed our values for far too long.

Canadians want progressive change. Québec can be the dominant force for that change.

But I need your help. It only works if we all pull, together.

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