Politics from North of the 49th Parallel
Published on June 14, 2004 By IanGillespie In Politics

Harper raised, almost exclusively, issues that will hurt him in Québec.

Martin was arrogant and hollow.

Duceppe was strong, but perhaps unnecessarily confrontational.

Layton rose above the fray, but still isn't using all the tools in his box on taxes.

Overall, Duceppe wins on points -- given that this was his and Martin's show.

Layton wins on the lower card -- clearly coming out above both Martin and Harper.

Ultimately, Layton and the NDP were undercut, mainly, by their lack of relevance in Québec. Nothing earth shattering there.

Judging strictly on tonight's performance, Layton could clearly take tomorrow's english language debate in a big, big way.

To drive it to the hole, though, he'll have to nail it on taxes.

Let's hope the war room is ready for the show.

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