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March 6, 2004 by IanGillespie
Well, my first day volunteering for the illustrious Ed Broadbent -- and not a bad start. HQ's bumping, propaganda literature looks good and the signs have already started moving out the door. Broadbent's drawing in great people, but more than that he's drawing in a lot of people. People on the street are asking where they can sign up. A couple of Saturdays ago, there were 130 people out canvassing. Today there were a dozen volunteers gearing up at the campaign office, while Mahoney's office ...
March 1, 2004 by IanGillespie
Did The United States "abduct" Jean-Bertrand Aristide? "Aristide told CNN Monday he was forced to leave Haiti in a 'coup d'etat' by the United States. 'I was told that to avoid bloodshed I'd better leave.'"
February 24, 2004 by IanGillespie
On the sponsorship scandal: "But now testimony has surfaced that raises new questions as to how far below the surface the worm could have been. It confirms that there was senior political involvement in the day-to-day handling of the sponsorship program. Cabinet ministers as well as top executives of crown corporations had a direct say in its implementation."
February 22, 2004 by IanGillespie
Puzzling and repetitive non-sequiturs from Belinda Stronach. In a debate outside her own party -- with people who weren't concerned about being 'nice' to each other -- she'd be eaten alive. (2:46pm)
February 22, 2004 by IanGillespie
The Conservative Party's two leading candidates have clear cases to be made in today's debate. Stephen Harper must make the case that, with election actually in play, the party must select an experienced leader that can be Prime Minister. Belinda Stronach must make the case that, with election actually in play, the party must select a moderate leader that can attract moderate voters. Things are more difficult for Tony Clement. As 'everybody's second choice' Clement must try to cull eno...
February 20, 2004 by IanGillespie
Don at Revolutionary Moderation takes care of this, so I don't have to: "Klein ... said he is willing to step outside of the Canada Health Act to control health costs even if it means being denied federal health care dollars." --via The CBC "Would you consider permitting people who wanted to step outside the publicly funded system to avail themselves of private care, if they so chose?" "'I do respect Canadians' freedom to choose, and it's something we could take a look at,' [Stronac...
February 20, 2004 by IanGillespie
Read it here: "[T]he Prime Minister's advisers have settled on the unprecedented strategy of sending Martin to the front line rather than take evasive action, or let foot soldiers bear the brunt of the assault." "It is a high-risk gambit that has some shaking their heads in dismay, including many Liberals. Their recent body language, to put it mildly, has not always been in sync with that of the Prime Minister."
February 13, 2004 by IanGillespie
Cybergeeks may know Ian Capstick best as the blogger at Stick & Stones -- know him now as a New Democrat: "Capstick says he's defecting because he's among thousands of disaffected left-wing Liberals." "'I know Liberals from coast to coast to coast, and they're unhappy with the way the government has moved into things such as national missile defence.'"
February 12, 2004 by IanGillespie
In a stunning oversight I failed to link to Ed Broadbent's campaign blog. Well folks, better late than never.
February 12, 2004 by IanGillespie
Chantal Hébert has this: "The Quebec federalist network is a tightly knit clan. As in every family, very little happens without everyone eventually getting wind of it — especially when it continues, like the sponsorship program, over so many years and on such a costly scale." "In time, Canadians will have to choose between believing that Martin — who cultivated every Liberal grassroots connection in sight during his multi-year bid to unseat Chrétien — existed in a bubble when it came to hi...
February 10, 2004 by IanGillespie
This part from MP John McKay, Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Finance with special emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships: "There are many situations where the government knows of problems which require action, especially in the area of large infrastructure projects, but would have difficulty funding the high costs involved without raising taxes." And then this part from an Ottawa Citizen story quoted by Warren Kinsella: "The federal government's top public servants are preparin...
February 9, 2004 by IanGillespie
Kevin Drum (Calpundit) may have just blown this wide open: "The first listed date is October 29, not November 29 as we had theorized before. But George Bush was still in Alabama in October. What exactly was he getting attendance credit for?..." "As we all know, Bush failed to show up for his annual physical in July 1972, he was suspended in August, and the suspension was recorded on September 29. He was apparently transferred to ARF at that time and began accumulating ARF points in October...
September 3, 2004 by IanGillespie
Crossposted at The Blogs Canada E-Group: Are American movement conservatives as intellectually dishonest as they seem? Are their tactics truly -- qualitatively -- different than those of the left? Every once in a while I like to check myself; to test my own intellectual honesty. When I begin to doubt my preconceptions, I imagine what Democrats might do if they chose to employ the same unscrupulous methods. How might bizarro world progressives out do the Machiavellian Rove? Consider ...
August 16, 2004 by IanGillespie
Crossposted at The BlogsCanada E-Group: For too long the Democratic Party was utterly inept in responding to this weary Republican onslaught. They bought the American media's favourite script: Democrats who speak out are never strong, always shrill; those who dissent cannot be motivated by patriotism, only by hatred. Thank God John Kerry didn't fall for that. During the last two weeks, the Bush-Cheney political apparatus has demonstrated that -- like a wounded animal -- it will rage aga...
June 30, 2004 by IanGillespie
Does the Bloc really hold Québec's interests above it's own? Is the Conservative Party serious about ending western alienation? Will either party keep their promise to keep their promises? If the Bloquistes and the Tories have any intention of doing so, they can make it clear by supporting a single issue: proportional representation. More precisely, proportional representation by province. As far as keeping their promises goes, I think this issue is pretty simple: while their vote...